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Environmental policy

The primary objective of KD-Bejds is to employ the cleanest possible production technologies, with the aim of achieving the smallest possible environmental emissions, minimizing resource utilization, and reducing risks related to air, soil, and water pollution. By utilizing clean technologies, the company is able to minimize the overall environmental impact, including the consumption of raw materials and process aids.

KD-Bejds is committed to minimizing emissions to both internal and external environments, while also ensuring the environmentally responsible recycling and sorting of waste materials.

KD-Bejds regularly monitors its environmental objectives and requirements through assessments of production processes and resource utilization. This ongoing performance evaluation leads to the establishment of new environmental targets and ensures the company’s continued adherence to the highest industry environmental standards.

KD-Bejds is committed to ensuring safe working conditions for its employees through the implementation of clean production technologies and appropriate work planning.

KD-Bejds presents a distinct environmental profile of the industry and has consequently received recognition for its environmental performance by Green Network, an independent organization providing objective evaluation of environmental performance of companies.

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