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Environmental goals and safeguards

KD-Bejds has developed and published an environmental report in accordance with the EMAS scheme.

Additionally, KD-Bejds has attained the Danish Labour Inspection Authority’s highest rating for workplace safety, as well as environmental recognition through certification with Green Network.

Environmental goals

The surface treatment and pickling of stainless steel is a process that can have a significant impact on the environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, KD-Bejds has assumed environmental liability to minimize the impact of our operations.

KD-Bejds recognizes the increased expectations placed upon us by the environmental authorities and the broader community, and we maintain a clear and transparent environmental profile that meets and exceeds regulatory requirements. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to society and our employees.

To this end, KD-Bejds invests in environmentally-friendly facilities and training to continually improve our environmental performance.

Environmental safeguards

KD-Bejds has established an in-house automatic purification plant to treat the sewage water generated by our production activities, including our mobile pickling unit. The resulting sludge, containing heavy metals like chrome and nickel, is deposited at Kommunekemi for safe disposal.

To mitigate the impact of acid fumes produced during pickling operations, KD-Bejds has installed an extensive air extraction system near the pickling basins. As a result, the pickling hall is equipped with ventilation that ensures an air exchange rate of every third minute.

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