Some items are too large to transport to the pickling center, making it impractical or impossible. Such items can be pickled using a mobile facility. A specially designed truck approved by the Danish Labour Inspection Authority is used, which contains all necessary equipment, including:

All that is required is access to a 3/4″ water tap and 380-volt power. The pickling process is carried out using the spray principle and can be performed without affecting the environment. The rinse water is collected in a mat and pumped into the accompanying waste water container. Upon return, the waste water is transferred to a stationary purification plant.

The effectiveness of the pickling process is highly dependent on the temperature of the acid. Every time the temperature increases by 10 degrees, the rate of action is doubled. When pickling outdoors, it is important to note that at low temperatures, the acid takes a long time to work. At 5°C and below, the acid has no pickling effect, only degreasing.