Green smiley

On January 7th, 2019, the Danish Labour Inspection Authority conducted a visit to KD-BEJDS ApS at the work site located at Hesselly 12, 6000 Kolding.

During the visit, we had the opportunity to speak with the daily supervisor, Lars Pedersen, as well as the employee, Jannie Vestergaard Madsen.

The Danish Labour Inspection Authority did not observe or identify any violations of the Danish Labour Inspection Act during the visit. Therefore, your company will receive a green smiley on our website, which indicates that there are no outstanding issues with the Danish Labour Inspection Authority. This green smiley will remain valid for three years, provided that no corrective orders or similar measures are issued in the meantime. If your company currently has a yellow or red smiley from a previous visit, the green smiley will only be displayed on the Danish Labour Inspection Authority’s website once the yellow or red smiley has been removed. More information about the Danish Working Environment Authority’s smileys can be found at